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Do you need a speaker for your next grower or marketing conference?  

Sandie Shores

Sandie educates, enlightens, equips
and inspires!


Sandie always gets a chuckle when using her unique pointer!


Sandie Shores is an expert in commercial production and marketing of fresh-cut herbs, potted herbs in volume and value added herb products.

Her presentations provide strategies for success in herb crop production and supply plenty of take-away ideas for the attendees at your next conference.

She is the author of GROWING AND SELLING FRESH-CUT HERBS published by BALL PUBLISHING and has written many articles for trade magazines and has been featured in several national publications.

Several large growers have hired Sandie as a consultant which included writing crop plans for year round greenhouse production and large acreages. She is available as a consultant to help you become successful in your business. 

Past presentations include:  

  • The Herb Growing & Marketing Network Winter Getaway Conference, San Antonio, TX

  • The Richters Commercial Herb Conference, Toronto, Canada

  • The Herb Growing & Marketing Network Winter Getaway Conference, Palm Coast, FL

  • The Minnesota Organic Conference

  • The National Small Farm Trade Show & Conference, Missouri

  • Frontier Farm Fest, Norway, IA

  • Midwest Organic Conference, IN

  • Future Farms Conference, Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Oklahoma City, OK

  • International Plug and Cutting Conference, Detroit, MI

  • University of Massachusetts Alternative Greenhouse Crops Conference

  • Numerous regional presentations and classes about herb gardening and cooking with fresh herbs

     Summary of presentations and lectures

All presentations are accompanied with PowerPoint, overhead projections and/or video.  Presentations can range from 1 to 3 hours and are customized to meet the specific objectives of all audiences. All feature questions and answers from attendees throughout or at the conclusion.


Learn the basics of starting a successful fresh-cut herb business in a small farm application. An overview of the industry is accompanied with information about the various marketing channels and the packaging required by them. The 12 most popular herbs to grow are discussed with detailed information about varieties, tips for commercial production, profit potential and yields that can be expected. Crop scheduling will be discussed in detail and charts will be presented showing lead times of each herb from seeding, or sticking cuttings, to the first and subsequent harvests.  


Finding markets is the necessary first step before investing large amounts of time or money in a new fresh-cut herb business. We will explore the many different types of markets, their expectations, how they operate and how to choose the best type for your personality and farm. Participants will learn how to approach, service and keep these accounts as loyal customers 


The timing of crops and management of the greenhouse environment are crucial factors for profitable year round production of fresh-cut herbs in cool winter climates. Techniques for growing the most popular herbs, dealing with pests and diseases biologically, supplemental lighting and greenhouse interior design and operation will be discussed.


This presentation begins with a brief description of the most serious pests of fresh-cut herbs both in the field and greenhouse.  Participants will learn various strategies for controlling them using Integrated Pest Management techniques, scouting, monitoring, traps, biological controls, botanical pesticides and beneficial insects.


Each of the 12 most popular fresh-cut herbs has a different culture. Learn, in detail, how to grow them for optimum profits. Varieties, propagation, crop scheduling, fertilization, harvesting, post-harvest handling, greenhouse and field growing and packaging of each herb will be discussed. A 20-minute videotape demonstrating some of these techniques will be shown.  


Selling fresh-cut herbs at a farmer’s market can be very lucrative, indeed. This session focuses on how to create a demand for herbs, increase your sales and lend excitement to your customer’s market experience. Techniques are discussed for displaying fresh herbs, keeping them fresh and designing an eye-catching stall that attracts customers and maximizes your display space. Presented are ideas for using value added herbal products to profit by catering to your very busy customer of today.

 Basic Fee-one program at one event $500
A second program at the same event $250
Plus travel expenses

 Please contact Sandie for information about regional or local (southern Minnesota) events and topics relating to home gardening with herbs or cooking with fresh herbs. 



E-mail your questions, tips or suggestions.
I look forward to hearing from you.


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