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Laurus nobilis
Tender perennial
To 25 feet

     Bay trees are sometimes known as sweet bay or bay laurel. The dried leaves are a very common cooking ingredient. The leaves can also be used fresh as they are in Europe but the flavor is quite strong. A little goes a long way.
    When purchasing a bay plant, be sure to buy it using the botanical name. Many plants look, smell, taste or sound alike, but not all are safe for culinary purposes. Umbellularia californica, California bay, for instance, is toxic, yet its leaves are dried to make wreaths.
     Bay is difficult to propagate from stem cuttings so it is best to buy young plants. It is a slow grower and does well planted in containers. Repot young plants into increasingly larger containers as they grow. Fertilize bay growing in containers every few weeks during spring and summer. Container grown bay will overwinter quite well in the house.
     Lucky are those that live in zones 7 and 8 as this evergreen, shrubby tree can be planted outdoors. It will withstand light frosts.
     Fresh bay has commercial potential and can be packaged fresh in clamshell trays for sale to the supermarket trade. Bay packaged this way will last quite a long time.

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