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Growing and Selling
Fresh-Cut Herbs

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Growing and Selling Fresh-Cut Herbs
Table of Contents

 Part I: Starting Your Herb Business
   Chapter 1: Planning your business and market research
   Chapter 2: Finding potential markets
   Chapter 3: Managing business details
   Chapter 4: Doing business

Part II: Building and Maintaining a Greenhouse
   Chapter 5: Selecting a greenhouse
   Chapter 6: Construction know-how
   Chapter 7: Interiors
   Chapter 8: Operation and Maintenance

Part III: Growing and Nurturing Your Plants
   Chapter 9: Starting seeds and plant propagation
   Chapter 10: Growing herbs
   Chapter 11: Controlling insect pests
   Chapter 12: Controlling plant diseases
   Chapter 13: Harvesting, handling and packaging

Part IV: Successfully Growing More Than 20 Herbs and Flowers
   Chapter 14: Arugula
   Chapter 15: Basil
   Chapter 16: Chives
   Chapter 17: Cilantro
   Chapter 18: Dill
   Chapter 19: Marjoram, sweet
   Chapter 20: Mint
   Chapter 21: Oregano
   Chapter 22: Parsley
   Chapter 23: Rosemary
   Chapter 24: Sage
   Chapter 25: Sorrel
   Chapter 26: Tarragon, French
   Chapter 27: Thyme
   Chapter 28: More herbs with commercial potential
   Chapter 29: Edible flowers

This comprehensive guide has a 14-page glossary, 8 pages of resources and a 21-page index. It includes photographs and drawings.

The comprehensive revised edition of Growing and Selling Fresh-Cut Herbs is available from author, most internet booksellers, bookstores, and in libraries.  It can be ordered from the distributor, Independent Publishers Group


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